Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Okay, so I have already had my fair share of throwing Bridal and Baby showers, but I really really really want to do one with a theme like this! I would say that maybe I could throw a dinner party with a theme like this, but we usually do dinner parties as couples, and I am afraid that the mens I know will think I'm cuckoo.

Yarn is SO cheap and comes in SO MANY colors! I have been wrapping many a gifts with yarn around the holidays. There is something comforting about it I guess. Also, I was trying to imitate the Anthopologie ribbons from 2 years ago. (Damn I wish I still had one-- they could really write books about the Anthro Holiday Ribbons)

Anyway, this little find on Style Me Pretty from Victoria from the City Cradle have some adorable yarn shower ideas. I think that I have seen those kraft letters at Michaels before perhaps?

And how cute are these cute yarn flower buds. Check out the DIY tutorial here from Poopscape (wish I thought of that name first) However, I think I might add one of these little things to my next Michael's list.

I'm thinking this will be Lia's baby shower! (She is the next one in line for a baby I think)


  1. I love the "love" too. So cute. Such a cute idea!

  2. Two words: Weaving and felting! Open up new worlds

  3. This is so neat! I really want to try this!!! I'm kinda with you on the time issue though. haha Well, I do what I can! But cute post, thanks for the idea! :)