Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pallet Wall in our Loft

I have been lagging forever on posting something on the Pallet Project (refer to first posting of inspiration here) that the hubs and I did a while ago. Technically he was all the muscle, but everything in this household is pretty much a joint effort in some way or another. I really wanted to wait until I had all the best stuff hanging on it. Then I wanted to wait until I had some seriously well thought out photographs of it, but alas... I am too lazy and decided that I would show it as is.

Here are some of the "progress" shots...

Here are some more "afters"....

And the living room side which needs loads of work. I am really pushing for some particle board and wallpaper. Who knows...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guest Please!

We have a friend who lives in Brooklyn New York who recently suggested we do an apartment swap soon. When I saw this awesome post on Apartment Therapy this morning, I couldn't help but think of her. Is it weird that I almost got more excited about the prospect of this project more than a trip to her amazing home in NYC?

Let's see.... craft paper- Check. Twine- Check. Keys- Check. Amazing restaurant recommends- Check. Maps- Check. Stamp like that one- Check.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Okay, I am obsessed!

How cool is this site? It's your own virtually library, bulletin board, bookmarking, blah blah blah, application!

I already have a few boards going: Baby Shower Inspiration, Home Decor, Bunting (from past post), Things I want.

It's kinda like a serious window shopping trip everytime!

Check it out HERE! You might have to wait for the invitation acceptance. (is it still in beta?)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding Photobooth Backdrops

Another regret ( I swear I won't keep doing this!) about something we should have done for our wedding is the beloved Wedding Photobooth/Backdrop. We really were going to do it, but lost track of time for set up. The hubs really wanted the backdrop to be the inside of his 1981 Pontiac Trans Am, but I would have been fine with any of these pretty ones....

One of my favorites was this gorgeous wedding from the bride of Bash Events. Here is there wedding on Once Wed.

Another serious favorite, and super well done... from Chelsea at oh my Deer.
And NO ONE can compare to the amazing-ness of SmileBooth's from Ashley Meaders. She has some seriously amazing, creative talent. Wonder is she would want to trade places?
Oh Man, this wedding deserves an entire post about it. I can't even talk about how much I LOVE.

If I could turn back time, I would prob go for any of these amazing bedspreads from Urban Outfitters to use for a photobooth because I do remember thinking about every wedding purchase, " is this something that we can use again? How can I justify spending the money?".

We had a blast at Katie and Jen's wedding. Here are some of the silly pics:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I don't have any parties to throw and don't have any reason to make anything cute with garland or bunting... but was playing around on Pinterest and made a board about Bunting. Here are a few of the darlings I loved. Bunting is cute. I like.
Only party on the calendar is a Super Bowl party- not sure it's appropriate, but maybe I will make a cake and make a little bunting for the cake. But what colors would they be??

For the record, I did make a couple of cute bunts for our wedding. One that said just married out of burlap. It never made it out of the box. Having a day of coordinator, might have been a good idea!

Bike Skirts

Just thought I would share these neat-o bike dresses from Simeli. They don't sell in the states, but I think it would calculate out to be something like $90.00 if they did. Wouldn't one help my huffy cruiser look better for Burning Man this year?

Found on Design Sponge.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loved, but Left

Things I loved at Home Goods, but couldn't justify the need to bring them home. I'm thinking of this as a reminder of why I should be saving my money for a house to call ours instead of shopping for 5 hours at TJ Maxx/Home Goods on a Saturday. I have to say, it was kinda relaxing and fun. I did however manage to leave with a few fun finds including: a ceramic creamer in shape of a cow, ultra thin space saving hangers, frames to hold some wedding prints, and a new case for my sunglasses. fun. However... I REALLY can't stop thinking about that chair. Hmmmm.....

(The woman next to me said; " Aren't those pink chairs beautiful?!" I didn't know what to say.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Glass Bubble DIY Project

We are working out a lighting project for over our dining room table. I would have opted for the new Arco Lamp (obvs a knock off) that Santa brought to swivel between dining and living room, but because of the pallet wall, we can't. (See next posting on Pallet Wall.)
Soooooooo we have screwed in a metal pipe that extends out over the beam near the kitchen to host a soft-wired (is that the opposite of hard-wired) pendant. I really haven't seen any that are in our price range, so I am thinking about tackling this little ditty.

What do you think?

We could pay for one here, but I think we might opt for the DIY to keep it around $60 or so. The glass bubbles are at CB2 for cheap!

Here is another DIY final from a new found blog, "Me Oh My" I am loving!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, I usually love to say goodbye to the year behind us. This year, saying goodbye to 2010, was a bit sad. It was a year FULL of amazing wonderful blessings. This year brought all our family together to celebrate our love in an amazing wedding in Big Sur this year. Friends had many healthy, beautiful babies, that I get to love whenever I can. Traveled to exciting new places; NYC, London, & Belize. We also traveled to enjoy family in Portland/ McMinnville, SoCal, & Florida. I really feel that 2010 was a great year in my life and I am now looking forward to 2011.

In 2011, I plan to ...

1.) Take a trip to Maui
2.) Travel on a train somewhere (commute to work doesn't count)
3.) Go out of my way to celebrate birthdays for friends
4.) Blog More
5.) Excersize more, eat better (cliche, I know)
6.) Focus on dancing and exploring other genres
7.) See as much live music as possible (or as much as can afford)
8.) SAVE money and plan towards a large purchase (like a house)
9.) Continue talking to other Big Sur brides and see where that leads.
10.) Love my husband and enjoy the time we have together before we start talking about babies.

11.) Oh and of course, not be so lazy and actually make the list of 10 above, a reality.

What are your resolutions?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

If I actually celebrated NYE...

I would have worked it out with some of this cool stuff. Instead of heading to bed at 9:30pm. Feeling a bit sick and run down, but of course regretting missing out on any fun last night. If I weren't so lazy or sick...

Maybe I would have worn this hot top, I found on Etsy.

Maybe would have gifted these to a party host (or myself who am I kidding).
I would for sure be serving up some of these beautifully photographed drinkies. Check out the blog post here from 2008 on Poppytalk. Note to self: must get one of the Booh-yah doolies.

What NYE party is without some sparkle decor. I would love to have a party just to celebrate these pretty things from Confetti Systems. I thought they were going to sell from Urban Outfitters, but not so sure now.

And getting "dressed up" isn't really "dressed up" without lipstick. RED.

Holiday Ornaments from Home

I have been TERRIBLE about blogging. Just returned home from a trip to Florida to celebrate the holiday with the Hubs family. Did you know that it could be 30 degrees in Orlando? Me Neither! I am doing a bit of catch up here, but promise to blog more in 2011. I am really finding it so much fun and holds me somewhat accountable for my ideas.

I really really really love our Xmas tree and am dreading the thought of having to bring it down. Luckily, some Facebook friends schooled me on Twelfth Night. So it will stay for another week at least.

I went shopping today at Pottery Barn and West Elm to pillage through the heavily discounted holiday ornaments. Aren't they pretty?
Another addition to the tree this year... gifted from Santa of course was this pretty one from Paloma's Nest. It has our wedding date and a heart over central CA. This would have been a cool wedding day gift for him had I thought about it sooner.
And this was my favorite new addition from last year from Nate. I love it and am temped to continue to collect Polar Bear ornaments for a theme tree someday when I am 50 something.