Monday, November 29, 2010

It's that time again...

We are back after a week long excursion eating, drinking, laughing, and did I already say eating, in Oregon. We drove up stayed in Ashland on the way up to Portland and again on the way back from McMinnville. There was also alot of "This American Life" bumping. I would say that we had the best time, but really it was Ms. Delilah who benefited the most. She got to run wild and get all muddy on the Vineyard AND she got to sleep in the beds with us at the Hotels. Lucky dog, huh.

So this week, I am working on some major catch up on some Holiday projects I am working on and then... we will be decorating the place. Can't wait to get the tree! I will be posting all holiday love all month!
For the record... we had our Xmas tree ornaments stolen out of our garage last year (WHO THE F*%K DOES THAT??) So this year, the tree will be decorated in vintage , as in my old, as in from the early years, as in the 80s holiday ornaments. Including this one--- which says 1980 on it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bottles that Hang

So I really really really wish that I can someday host an event where hanging bottles are involved. Why the hell did I not attempt this at our wedding? Oh, right- the challenge.... finding the right thing and place to hang them. The bottle collecting and flower choosing is the easy part. Here are some adorable hanging bottles with flowers.


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Monday, November 8, 2010

I have the BEST friends who made me the BEST gift. I feel so bad that it is already November and my birthday was back in September. I feel bad that it has taken me so long to post this. I blame my laziness to upload photos. Actually, I blame myself for not having better pictures really.

For thank yous for a beautiful bridal shower, I gifted them vintage Vera scarves. They keep the theme on my 30th by creating a darling pillow made from a vintage Vera scarf. Lia hand stitched the music quote which really could not be more perfect. This is certainly not a couch throw pillow. This pillow deserves it's own chair or bed. I truly cherish it! How lucky am I to have such thoughtful loving friends in my life??

Unique Wedding Favors

We have been to 2 weddings where the bride and groom gifted donations instead of favors. For the record, I REALLY REALLY like that idea. But the creative bug in me likes to see what people are gifting as favors. 4 weeks before the wedding we found these adorable Seed Bombs at the Ferry Building in SF. We decided to reach out to the vendor just to see if they would cut a deal if we ordered in bulk and they did! They were fantastic and added just the right amount of color we wanted to the tables. Also, I really love the idea of guerrilla bombing.
We bought them from Visualingual. See their blog feature on our wedding here. Def check out their etsy shop too. I LOVE what they are doing these days.

We were planning on giving Arbor Trees as favors, but decided at the last minute it was too much work because we needed to time their arrival really close to the wedding and we were already stressing about doing our own flowers, it was just too much. But I really do still like the idea... as well as a couple of others....

How cute would these Best Wishes Wishbones be? You could stamp the bags easily and spray paint the wishbones (can order them in bulk for SUPER cheap here).

Image found on One Fine Philly blog.
Or these cute goldfish soaps... This one made me think of my cute neighbor how is getting married and wants to do it rock and roll style. Perhaps could use some other funky plastic figurines. Here is a DIY tutorial for these soaps. Or for any cool bride who has a fun sense of humor.

Image found on Making it Sweet

Of course I always tend to bring it back to Flora Grubb, but check their amazing (and $$$) favors. I bet we could find something cheaper (like from CB2) to DIY. Image found on Flora Grubb webshop.

Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings (of course).

Here are the Arbor Trees. Aren't they pretty? And a donation is sent to the Arbor Foundation on each tree. If I remember, they were only about 1.50 each. The tricky part is how traveling family can take them with them? We researched this a TON. It is totally doable, but the timing has to be perfect.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gifted Magazine

I can't really put into words. ... just take a look at this online magazine from Creature Comforts. I am soooo impressed!

CLICK HERE to review the whole shi-bang. It's incredible!

DIY Holiday Brainstorms

Okay, so it is officially NOVEMBER! Which means it is officially time to start planning for the holidays! We are going to be spending Xmas with the Streu's in Florida. We will for sure be making this a big part of our holiday visit. Don't be jealous.

So I want to start documenting some of the DIY ideas for holiday gifts I would love to attempt if not too lazy....

How about a screen printed bag for a sewing kit? Like this one from Same Made. Or should I just buy them? Cause I know with trial and error I will spend more than that if I try myself.

How about screen printing some napkins. Could I copy these adorable ones from Emersonmade?

Or how about these easy flavored sugars, yet packaged ridiculously perfect. From Chewing the Cud. Here is the DIY tutorial from SMP from last year.

I hope I don't spoil any surprises... but my mom has been cooking up some adorable gift bags with chalk board fabric. Yep, that's right CHALK BOARD FABRIC. What?! These are in the spirit of Halloween....