Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recipe Experiment

I experimented over the weekend with a new recipe and it was pretty good. It started to look pretty enough a 3rd of the way through that I even decided to text the neighbors to join in. ( One of which is gluten free, so that was kinda a bust.)

I found the inspiration here on a cute little blog called ClothesHorse NYC. It wasn't exactly a recipe, but she gave a decent enough explanation. I did search like crazy on Men's Health, but couldn't find it.

Also, I had never heard of Farro before. I asked 3 people (3 PEOPLE!?!) at Whole Foods to find where it was. Is it a produce, is it a liquid, is it bigger than a breadbox?? Alas, someone took me to where it was (by the rice and other grains), but of course they were out. Good thing the Hubs was there to solve the problem; simply by crouching down and looking at the back of the shelf behind the other things that were not Farro. Where would I be without him? Farro-less?

Anyways, here it is.... hope my vegetarian friends and family (Aunt Dianne/ Uncle Ron) find it helpful.

Saute chopped white onion and garlic in a pan.

I pre-cooked the Farro for about 6 mins.

Transfer both the Farro, onion, and garlic, to a cast iron.

Add tomato sauce

Add red beans

Add red chili flakes

When the pan is really hot and the tomato sauce starts to boil a little, crack a few eggs right on top.

** this was the scary part. It didn't seem like the eggs were going to cook, so I put a lid on it and they cooked perfectly.

Put in the broiler for about 5 mins (should have added cheese here).

While the whole mess is in the broiler- grill some butter bread.

Serve hot and right outta the pan. We just put spoonfuls on top of the bread.

In case, you are in the mood for a history lesson, here is a little tid-bit on Farro.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

you are my sunshine.....

As you all know San Francisco can be kinda a grey place sometimes. Don't get me wrong... I love this city, but the overcast clouds, cool breezes, and year round 50 degree weather is well... blah. HOWEVER, when the sun shines, it really shines. And when it shines it makes me smile. Here are just some random things around the house that are making me smile this week.

Frame on our dresser. I can honestly remember the soothing voices of my mom and grandmother singing this song to me when I was a little girl.

Not sure what makes me happier, the pink poppies or the Fiesta Ware vase that I love so much.

The sun only shines on the patio in the morning. I caught Delilah getting some rays and it made me smile.

If you think this is cute, you should see the girl who will wear it. Happy almost 1 year birtday, Emmy.

Ikea tray that I painted to add some color to our living room. And my cherished Flora Grub cube.

Not sure what I love more; the sunburst mirror or the fact that the bed is made.

Someday I will learn how to use a real camera, but in the mean time, the iPhone/ Instragram will do.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lazy Girl Babbling...

Okay, it has been weeks. WEEKS I TELL YOU! I actually wish I could say that I have been too lazy to write anything on this blog, but the truth is I have been busy busy busy with the BAU stuff. (BAU is corporate lingo for "business as usual".) I know. Lame. The last few weeks have been jam packed with a 4 night trip to the La Quinta Resort (aka Desert Paradise) with the Hubs for an Anniversary trip. Came home relaxed, tan, and hungover. It was awesome. The same day I got home I got back on a plane to London for work. London is the BEST! Is there any way better to describe London than using caps to spell BEST? yes, but I am too lazy to explain. And then we head to Michigan for my sister in law's graduation/ fam visit/ help them pack/ etc the day after tomorrow. All exciting stuff going on... but I can't help think how many things I need to put on the list/calendar for the next few months. Phew. It actually made me cry last night... so much to do... so little time. I'm annoying myself as I write this all down here. But sometimes life can get cra-zay and I need someone to slap me across the face and tell me to "SNAP OUT OF IT", like Cher in Moonstruck.

Any... ways... I am feeling a little exhausted from all the thoughts running in my head and a little lazy to go into a real post about something real interesting which is really not very often anyway. But thought I would post a few ideas of cute little ideas for the next time someone invites us over to their house and says "Bring whatever you want. Surprise us". Anyone? Anyone? Buller?.....

How cute are these? Best not put any red sauce on 'em, cause they might loose their cute factor. Anyone know a better word for cute? (putting it on the list of words to look up synonmys for next to BEST)
Or how about making some of these cute easy to-do icecream sandwhiches. Just add sprinkles. There are from the Carter and Cook Event Co blog.

While shopping the duty free on my way home, I stocked up on some Pimm's, which has fast become my most favorite drink. Or is it a cocktail? I dunno, but it tastes like juice to me. Here is a recipe.