Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Art

I am so excited about this new purchase, that I had to blog about it right away. I have seen this on a few of my fav blogs and finally decided to jump off the ledge and spend the whopping $4.50 to get me my own. I think it's going to live on the "dining" side of the pallet wall. (I will post the official pics once I actually recieve this pretty paper and frame it and hang it.) Purchased from Paper Mojo.

Here is a little taste of it on LGN:

Here it is on Kristen Davis Designs:

Also, will post another pallet wall project later next week too..... hint... it includes wall paper. Crap. I think that pretty much gave it away.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Shower Inspiration- Billy Balls

I haven't really been in the blogging mood lately. Maybe because I have been dieting? Or maybe because I have been knee deep in work? For whatever the reason- I just haven't been very inspired lately. Or maybe what I am loving right now, just isn't really anything new or exciting. Which leads me to.... Billy Balls (Craspedia).

I think that Billy Balls will be a lovely touch for the twinsy baby shower which isn't until JULY!!!
I am just 'chomping at the bit' (something my mom's says) to get the ball rolling on decorating. So this little blog entry is a way to get some ideas out of my head. I am loving these little darling balls as an accent to any event, but I think they will need to be a MUST at the shower (did I mention it's not until July?)

Images found:
1.) My Fav and my Best
2.) Ruffled Blog
3.) Niche White
4.) Ruffled Blog

Lust or Must

This cute one from Piperlime for $50?

Or this extremely more amazing one from All Saints for almost $300?