Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping? Please!

I have had the biggest camping bug for weeks now! I have been hinting to my Hubs for months now that we really should reserve a campsite somewhere for Labor Day weekend (aka my 30th B'day) but we missed the boat on that. I am hoping to go in the middle of September. Weather should be better by then, right?!!... RIGHT?!

I think a fun weekend... with a group of people... on a campsite... with our dogs... in front of a fire... in between some trees... would really be the best time ever.

Here are the things that I want to do.

1.) Make pre-made HoBo dinners. (Potatoes, protein, spices, etc in foil to cook IN the fire).

2.) Some sort of craft event ( lanyards maybe? When was the time you made a lanyard key chain?- I think I will make Delilah a new collar)

3.) Campfire songs--luckily we have some talented friends.

4.) Board Games- duh.

5.) Have a photo shoot. Set up a tripod and art direct a little fun shoot with everyone in the campsite. Maybe not like these hipsters, but something similar......

Here are a few other inspiring links....

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  1. All of these things (and MORE) are available at the cabin... the only difference, a rustic log cabin rather than a tent. just sayin! -beej
    p.s. the "Hubs" LOL