Thursday, September 23, 2010

Subway Signs

I first discovered subway signs at the Alameda Flea Market. They were vintage, of course, and sold for about $1600 bucks. They are beautiful and big and would look so lovely in any home. After doing a little research, I found an ETSY vendor (okay, research wasn't that hard) who creates these subway signs for about $40 bucks. I would absolutley love one of these to hang in our apartment. And wouldn't it be a great gift for someone? How cute would it be to list our old street names of old apartments my husband and I have lived in? Or for a traveler, to list out their most exciting destinations? Or for a family who live far apart, to list our cities to remind us of each other?

Of course, I chose this one with all the San Francisco hot spots. :) I also found another option for custom "vintage replicas" here. Here are some pretty interiors with subway signs.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Greens in Glass.

I am seriously kicking myself from not buying the adorable little terrarium at the Indy craft festival in Potrero Hill yesterday and then was reminded while perusing the blogs that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these darling wall bubbles from the beloved Flora Grubb. The Indy Mart had a booth for Workshop. This place is amazing. They have tons of DIY classes from screen printing to sewing. Each class runs about $10-$40 bucks and many are in the evening on the weekends, so instead of watching netflix episodes of Dexter, we can be drinking a bottle of wine and building terrariums. (Although, I think I might prefer to set up a DIY class hosted at our house, taught by the talented Megan Keely! ) Must add that to list of things to discuss.

** Pic from Workshop. Blog**

I have been swooning over Flora Grubb stuff a ton lately. See here. I will absolutely be stopping by there this weekend, even if just for a nicely brewed cup of Ritual Coffee.

Wouldn't these Flora Bubbles be lovely on a large white wall (since we have a GIGANTIC one in our loft)? I wonder if I could dumb it down (aka - a cheaper option), but using some of the cheaper vases at CB2?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yep-- pretty much!

My husband just sent me this and said it reminds him of me. Yep, he knows me well.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bambi Love

The Fawns, by Peregrine Honig

We don't have cable anymore, but for some reason the only cable channel we get is BRAVO, so we watch a ton of reality TV shows. Work of Art was a brief relief from all the housewife drama and this photo above was my most favorite art piece of the season.

For a while now, I have been really drawn to deer, specifically Fawns. There is something so fragile about them that makes me both sad (Enter Bambi reference) and happy because of their beauty. I already have my eye on some cute fawn art for a nursery some day. Not to mention quite a few more items in my Etsy cart to collect some more vintage ceramic pieces.
I absolutely LOVE this
Sharon Montrose print... someday... someday...

And for the record, I think Peregrine should have won.

( I can't seem to find where the fawn king print came from)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY - Easy Art

I had listed this little ditty as a favorite a LONG time ago. I just came across it and decided to post. It is so cute and simple. I love the colors that she choose. Sometimes, don't you just think to yourself... " Why didn't I think of that first?".

The full DIY tutorial is on Design Sponge here... which led me to Kate Pruitt's blog here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burning Birthday

We are off to Burning Man tonight. Wish us luck! I am anxious and excited and everything in between. We have packed the car full of survival gear (20 gallons of water for 4 days), screen printed bandannas to gift, and costumes pieces are ready for the birthday! What better way to celebrate the "Dirty 30" then to spend 5 days covered in Playa dust. It is ON!!

I really can not believe that I am going to be 30 years old tomorrow. Sheesh!

However, I will say, that I could not be happier. I am exactly where I want to be in my life and suddenly feeling like I have a little bit more clarity. I have the best husband in the whole world who loves me, supports me, makes me laugh, shops at places like Target or Marshalls every weekend with me, embraces my faults as "quirks", and is patient with my brattiness . Not to mention, he is the BEST daddy to Delilah- so he will for sure be a superstar father for our 'real' kids some day. I have the best angel baby lover punker doodle ever, Delilah and she brings me unconditional love and never ending joy everyday. I have the BEST friends in the world who listen, love, and understand me completely. I have a job that provides me with money to live in this wonderful city full of good food, good people, good music, good culture. I have remarkable relationships with my family who I appreciate more than words can describe. I pretty much have everything I could wish, pray, dream of for myself for my 30s. I think I am really set for the next decade.
Damn, that was a ton of commas.

Yay- for 30!! I choose this beautiful birthday cake to be mine.