Saturday, March 26, 2011

Native, Rustic, Modern?

I have been thinking about adding a little native american touches (specifically a rug) into our loft space. I think it is safe to say that our style is officially: rustic, modern, contemporary, urban. haha. Why not add "bohemian" to that list? No, but seriously. I think just some subtle adds would really bring some warmth to the place. Here are a few inspirational pics I have found on the blogs this week.....

Photo Creds:
1.) My new fav blog: Amber Interiors (via LGN)
2.) Decor8blog
3.) Apartment Therapy
4.) Amazon, i think?
5.) Apartment Therapy

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My new favorite wedding.

When I started this blog, I was really coming down from the wedding planning high. I intend to someday blog about some of our wedding projects and experiences, but I have just been too damn lazy.

I did see this amazing wedding a few months ago and immediately feel in love. Of course, it was designed/coordinated by a bride that was featured on Once Wed as my other favorite wedding. Her new wedding planning business is called Barnwood & Birch. Her wedding was a major inspiration for ours.

I wish I could turn back time a little and go with this rustic, native American inspired theme. And check out the paper goods... are you kidding me? Perfection. And I have to say that dress is pretty fantastic. So fantastic, that I wore the same one. I love her belt and she opted for strapless! Love it. Check out the full spread at Style Me Pretty.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

DIY Letter Block Project

I have had my eye on this DIY project for a little while now. When window shopping at Room and Board, I found this lovely piece that retails around $200-$200....

I just so happened to be armed with 2 very important elements for this project.
1.) Letter Press Blocks ( used as table numbers from our wedding)
2.) A 40% off coupon at Michael's for frames.

The larger numbers were thrifted from the flea market for the wedding. The smaller numbers were found while in London shopping at the Portobello Market. I needed a few more "2"s and "0"s in order to spell out. 05.22.2010 (Wedding Date)

Now we have a pretty art piece (that will eventually live on a better wall- not loving it on that color paint and under that damn sconce) and it is a small reminder for the Hubs so he can't forget our anniversary- EVER!

I think the project is pretty self explanatory really, so not sure I really need to go into a step by step process....but let's just sy the most challenging part was deciding on the layout. I had to email them to some friends for help. I spent at least 2 hours arranging and re-arranging the numbers into different formations.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Waffle, Therefore I am

While in London, I visited the Portobello Market. This is my kinda place! It was a great way to spend an afternoon alone. Its a darling little street near Nottinghill with many antique stores full of interesting treasures, a few boutiques with expensive yet hard to find items, and I think there might be an American Apparel there too. (blah).

I brought home with me a couple of photography prints, a jacket that was on super sale, and some vintage letter blocks for a DIY project I am after (more on that later).

A highlight on my journey that day was the darling little waffle shop: WAFFLEMEISTER. um, yeah, that's right, WAFFLES!!! There are at least a handful all over London. The question posed: Why in the hell do we not have this here? In SF at the VERY least?

If the Hubs was there, he would have for sure gone for the works..... maybe better for his heart he wasn't.

Baby Shower Inspiration - Version 1.0

I am finally back from London (and Paris) and have some serious catching up to do on my blogging. I am sure you were all wondering where my posts have been.

But the day I got home, I got some exciting news from my BFF. Not only is there a bun in the over, there are 2! 2 buns! Yay! If the cat's not outta the bag about this yet, then sorry friend 'cause everyone reads this blog. ;)

Naturally, I have baby on the mind. And not more than 5 mins after she told me , I selfishly started asking her to lock in the date for us( the other BFFs) to hold a shower.

Just throwing out some ideas... I tend to go a little heavy on the themes, so I will try to hold back a little, but how cute are elephants? For a girl or boy (or God willing,in her case both!)

Image found via the Swanky Blog

Image found from darling etsy vendor.

Image found on Entertain Exchange

I am just thinking out loud, here.... just thinking out loud.