Friday, July 30, 2010

If maybe I am not too lazy this weekend... I should attempt to make sum yummy homeade ice teas. I been keeping my eye out for a cute Ice Tea pitcher/decanter to leave on our porch area to catch some sun. But Design Sponge, my ALL TIME FAVORITE blog posted these homeade tea ideas in lovely mason jars. Which, I just so happen to have tons of! How pretty would this look on my patio wall?

I have to be honest though.... do I want to do this because I really love Ice Tea? Or do I want to do it because it looks so cute? Let's be honest, its the latter.




  1. I got the fabric from JoAnnes. I really don't like that place. Expensive, rude and limited selection. But unfortunately the only thing close. It was actually a good score tho with my coupon :) I just finished covering my dining chairs. Looks amazing. I can't wait to post it!

  2. I made these today. And I "featured you" :D I haven't tried the tea yet tho. They're in the fridge cooling down :)