Friday, July 30, 2010

If maybe I am not too lazy this weekend... I should attempt to make sum yummy homeade ice teas. I been keeping my eye out for a cute Ice Tea pitcher/decanter to leave on our porch area to catch some sun. But Design Sponge, my ALL TIME FAVORITE blog posted these homeade tea ideas in lovely mason jars. Which, I just so happen to have tons of! How pretty would this look on my patio wall?

I have to be honest though.... do I want to do this because I really love Ice Tea? Or do I want to do it because it looks so cute? Let's be honest, its the latter.



Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cove

Nothing like watching a documentary with inspiring activist risking their lives to a cause to make you feel like the laziest bum in the world.

After staring at the red Netflix envelope sitting on the coffee table for over a week, I decided to take the plunge and watch. I was apprehensive about watching because I was worried about being able to handle my emotions. However, I walked away from the film with hope that these terrible slaughters will end soon. Don't get me wrong, I definitely shed a tear while smothering Delilah with cuddles. One of the best Documentaries I have ever seen, a stirring call to action against the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.

Not that it is much, but I sent a letter and donated.

I absolutely recommend the film! It scored 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and an Oscar in 2010 for Documentary Feature.

Spread the word.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you know ModCloth??

I didn't really know too much about ModCloth until a friend of mine left his job to take a recruiting role to help grow the business in San Francisco. They have some cute stuff... kinda F21/ Urban Outfitters/ Anthropologie-ish.

I couldn't help but look at some of the dresses and think how cute they would be for Bridesmaids dresses. My bridesmaids wore adorable JCrew dresses (not Jcrew bridesmaid). But... if I were in a wedding (doubtful that I will be again) I would LOVE to wear one of these adorable dresses. Ahh, if only I could plan a wedding all over again.

Or this one maybe for the bride

Or this one , just cause it is SO CUTE.

I wish I knew someone who was getting married that would let me be the "boss of them".

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wood Palette Loft Project- Yay- first post!!!

If I weren't so lazy... I would definitely attempt this little ditty.

The Hubs and I found this display at West Elm a few weeks ago. I think that it could be an easy DIY project for our little San Francisco loft. If we attempt this, it will serve as a room divider for our office area. Luckily we live next door to a business who leave there palettes on the curb everyday.

And if we try to take it a little further, how cool would it be to 1.) paint or stain a slab a cool color and 2.) Hang some fun 8x10s in funky frames on it and 3.) maybe get some Tillandsia like these @ Flora Grubb ( which will someday have an entire post about them on my new blog.)

How stinking cute and easy is this one (via Mom's blackberry while strolling Main St in Seal Beach)

Sorry about the terrible pics, they were taken via camera phone.