Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Wedding Love

We have been featured on 3 of my fav blogs. One being our photographer's blog, and the other 2 are wedding specific. I swear I will work on posting my own story of our wedding soon. I am working on it.

But in the mean time- here we are on:
Part 1 here and here
Hi Fi Weddings
Steep Street Blog

Seriously, someday I will quit obessing over weddings. Someday, I promise. But today, I will continue to peruse them as I love them so. They have so much perfect creativity floating around them that I can not quit just yet. And my secret dream of planning someone else's wedding is still alive and thriving.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sangria Party

When in London, visiting the Bourough Market, a HUGE farmers market on the weekend, we came across a booth with Sangria. How fun would it be to entertain for a dinner party/ cocktail party/ bridal shower with a Sangria Station.

Sangria is easy to make, easy to drink, and even people who are not "into" wine may like it. There are so many different flavors and recipes to play with.

How about some of these interesting flavors on
Apricot/ Champagne
Spicy Sangria
Low Sugar

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Skip the Chicken Dance


I just came across (on accident) a blog that I created over a year ago to start blogging about wedding stuff. I think I might have had to much wine that night, because we TOTALLY forgot about it.

What were we thinking?
It's pretty uneventful, but hop on over. ;)
Click Here

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Wedding Invites

One of our largest Labor of Love of our wedding were our invites. We are really happy how they turned out. Thankfully, my husband is a designer and has a way with Illustrator. If I weren't so lazy, I would really start looking for Illustrator/ Photoshop classes. I think I have worn out my favors from the Hubs on Invites to Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, etc.

Oh So Beautiful Paper was a HUGE inspiration with our wedding invites. It is incredible to see such creative ideas from so many artists and just plain olDIY couples. Technically, I have no creative abilities. However, I do have pretty good taste so I guess that is my contribution to these invites. (wink!) Our vision for the invites and special day was rustic/spring.

Materials and Vendors:
Cheesecloth bags from La Melange, Inc.
Screen print designed and printed by us.
Bakers Twine ordered from Etsy Vendor, Whisker Graphics
Wood Veneer ordered from Cards of Wood in Michigan .
Envelopes from Packaging Supplies.Com
Small info card stamped from Michaels.
Letterpress by Volta Press.

Most of our inspiration came from:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could I have that Burning Man Costume?

After perusing a great fashion blog, I pulled a bunch of beautiful inspiration pics for Burning Man attire (otherwise known as Playa Wear) as I have recently learned. Let me tell you-- this is uncharted territory for me and I am loving it. Here are a bunch of my inspirational pics. All found off Could I Have That? This is what burning man would look like if only the models and designers ran the Burning Man show. (all photo/ design credits listed on the blog)

Printing on Pages

I came across this etsy shop a few weeks ago and can't stop thinking about how much I adore things printed on pages. Wouldn't a simple screen print of an image on a big Dictionary page be so easy to DIY? Why haven't I tried this yet? I think once (if) we do the palette room divider we should hang a few of these beauties on it. I am really vibing deer images lately, but it might be a little trendy, so I decided to showcase the Banjo and the Fox. Amazing.

And here is a darling post from forever ago from one of my fav blogs- Oh My Deer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frosty Cake on Cake Plate

Hi! So just for the record, I TOTALLY know that nothing on this blog is cohesive. I think I am still just trying to figure out what works best for me. And secondly... I hope that no one thinks I am so narcissistic that people actually care about all the random thoughts in my head. I will eventually have some direction, I promise.

As today is Thursday, I am anxiously counting the minutes until Saturday. This weekend, if I am not too lazy, I really want to bake a cake. We have not even used our glorious Kitchen Aid mixer since we received it as a wedding gift! (thank you, O'dell Family!) I think that this is THE weekend to do it! But, it MUST have be fluffy and frosted and of course it MUST be served on one of my beloved cake plates. (even if only served to the Hubs)

Maybe this one?
Or this

I love these cake plates so much:

(from the wedding)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Furniture from Craigslist....

I am on a hunt for a new sideboard and/or media storage for our place. I have my eye on this beauty right now, but a $2500 piece of furniture is not in the cards for us right now.

I am always hunting Craigslist for a re-doable project. Back in January, the Hubs and I mastered a Craigslist project that I am quite proud of. We bought some cheap dressers and re-finished them. I think an easier approach will be to just paint. The re-finishing is too much work.

Here was the before:

And the after:

One of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook has posted some really great painted furniture projects. I specifically love the red credenza in the picture above. See the blog DIY tutorial here:

I found this awesome Craigslist find today that might be a great project.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you spell doilie? Oh, it's Doily!

After coming across this picture posted on Little Loveables today, it reminded me of my initial wedding project swoon. I had this picture in my ''mood board'' for my wedding. So, why exactly didn't I do this project?
After reflecting a little bit, I realized that I was having a hard time finding the doilys for a decent price. The Bay Area flea markets are super expensive (Damn the San Franciscans for having good taste and inflating all the prices).

However, I think that this is still precious and something I can manage to do. Aside from finding a beautiful vintage doily the other challenge would be: not getting too carried away and getting too "country bumpkin".

I think these would be so beautiful grouped with other smaller bottles and vases on a table for a centerpiece. Especially for a wedding. Speaking of wedding, I am working on my own blog entry about the whole sha-bang! (I'm sure all 11 of you are dying for it.)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can I "do" Burning Man?

So whenever people ask me when I am going to have a baby, I tell them.. "after we go to Turkey, Tailand, and Burning Man." In the back of my head I have always thought that planning a trip to Turkey (which is 7500 miles away and approx 20 hours of travel time) seems more tangible than going to Burning Man (which is less than 400 miles and about 5 hours of driving time) away.
It has always seemed so much bigger than me and am I really creative enough? Could I even survive in a place where you can't spit out your toothpaste water on the ground? Could I really go #2 in a liter box in order to escape port-o-potties? And let's not dismiss the serious inadequacies: I don't know how to walk on stilts, I don't have a crew of friends to dress in fuzzy bunny costumes with, I don't know if my husband will approve of me wearing faux fur legwarmers these days, and I don't think we have enough time to make a paper mache shark monster to fit on a bike.

However... it is really starting to feel like this might actually be able to happen for me this year. Considering the fact that I actually thought up the liter box idea myself gives me hope that maybe I CAN do this! I really want to go to experience the crazy magic of it all. And, hey... I am going to be 30 years old ( omg! after I am 30, I will be too old to use o.m.g. anymore) Nothing rings bringing in your 30s like a little house dancing. Am I right? Or am I right?I am working on a survivalist to-do list now. Bikes, Tarps, art suppliers, etc. Maybe I try out some Hobo dinners sooner than later.

Will update on how the fuzzy bunny costumes come along. I think I need to blog about a DIY project soon.....

UPDATE: I CAN AND I AM "Doing This!"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping? Please!

I have had the biggest camping bug for weeks now! I have been hinting to my Hubs for months now that we really should reserve a campsite somewhere for Labor Day weekend (aka my 30th B'day) but we missed the boat on that. I am hoping to go in the middle of September. Weather should be better by then, right?!!... RIGHT?!

I think a fun weekend... with a group of people... on a campsite... with our dogs... in front of a fire... in between some trees... would really be the best time ever.

Here are the things that I want to do.

1.) Make pre-made HoBo dinners. (Potatoes, protein, spices, etc in foil to cook IN the fire).

2.) Some sort of craft event ( lanyards maybe? When was the time you made a lanyard key chain?- I think I will make Delilah a new collar)

3.) Campfire songs--luckily we have some talented friends.

4.) Board Games- duh.

5.) Have a photo shoot. Set up a tripod and art direct a little fun shoot with everyone in the campsite. Maybe not like these hipsters, but something similar......

Here are a few other inspiring links....

Vintage Camping Pics
Creative Camping Party Themed Table

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Okay, so I have already had my fair share of throwing Bridal and Baby showers, but I really really really want to do one with a theme like this! I would say that maybe I could throw a dinner party with a theme like this, but we usually do dinner parties as couples, and I am afraid that the mens I know will think I'm cuckoo.

Yarn is SO cheap and comes in SO MANY colors! I have been wrapping many a gifts with yarn around the holidays. There is something comforting about it I guess. Also, I was trying to imitate the Anthopologie ribbons from 2 years ago. (Damn I wish I still had one-- they could really write books about the Anthro Holiday Ribbons)

Anyway, this little find on Style Me Pretty from Victoria from the City Cradle have some adorable yarn shower ideas. I think that I have seen those kraft letters at Michaels before perhaps?

And how cute are these cute yarn flower buds. Check out the DIY tutorial here from Poopscape (wish I thought of that name first) However, I think I might add one of these little things to my next Michael's list.

I'm thinking this will be Lia's baby shower! (She is the next one in line for a baby I think)