Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you spell doilie? Oh, it's Doily!

After coming across this picture posted on Little Loveables today, it reminded me of my initial wedding project swoon. I had this picture in my ''mood board'' for my wedding. So, why exactly didn't I do this project?
After reflecting a little bit, I realized that I was having a hard time finding the doilys for a decent price. The Bay Area flea markets are super expensive (Damn the San Franciscans for having good taste and inflating all the prices).

However, I think that this is still precious and something I can manage to do. Aside from finding a beautiful vintage doily the other challenge would be: not getting too carried away and getting too "country bumpkin".

I think these would be so beautiful grouped with other smaller bottles and vases on a table for a centerpiece. Especially for a wedding. Speaking of wedding, I am working on my own blog entry about the whole sha-bang! (I'm sure all 11 of you are dying for it.)

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