Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random things in my head

Just some random things in my head just needed to breathe. So here they are.... just thoughts of things I love, things that give me chills, things that inspire me to want to do stuff.

In the spirit of Halloween, this is my absolutely FAVORITE SYTYCD performance. It gives me chills and how do you say? " I just want to dance!". And I have to say, that once I took a class taught by Wade Robson... and he gave me a hug to say I did a good job. (had to brag about that).
I give to you, Ramalama.

This song was covered last night by Sufjan Stevens whom we saw live at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. Wow... but this song still makes me "feel". The lyrics are so beautiful. I think just sitting there in that theatre watching crazy images and listening to insane music reminded me of things that (as my mom would say) "move me".

I MUST watch Hero this weekend. It has been too long. And for me this scene in the movie is just so unforgettable.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Confetti is neat-o!

I wish I had an event to plan and confetti could be the guest of honor. Bummed that we didn't use any at our wedding. (Even though it can be biodegrable) Like this cool stuff from one of my fav online shops: Save On Crafts.com

Image 1- Marianne Taylor by way of Once Wed. Image 2- Max Wagner. Image 3. Labor of Love. Image 4. Eurnice from Hello Lucky's wedding. Image 5. Martha Stewart Weddings
All pics from of my favorite featured blog weddings.

Painted Pumpkins

I love Halloween sooo much! This picture got me inspired. I do love carving pumpkins. However, it is a huge mess and to be honest- I hate the smell. But I do love the seeds so I guess it's worth it.

But, because I am a bit too lazy, I would rather opt for some cool painted pumps.

** Picture from this site.**

And speaking of "painted pumpkins" I have a before and after project we have been working on. I will post soon, but thought I would show a little sneak peak.

The Great Pumpkin

My mom sent me the above picture of her cold weather projects from last weekend and it got me so excited about Halloween. My mom always made a great effort at Halloween, so I think this blog entry is definitely a dedication to her. :)

Here are some of the tools she used. Also, you can download the pattern from Martha's website here.

And presto- beautiful. Not a bad picture either. WELL DONE, Mom!

Has anyone ever heard of the "Great Pumpkin", who comes to your doorstep the night of Halloween to collect candy that we leave for it? Here's how the tradition goes:

Step 1. Trick or Treat in your snazziest of kiddie costume.
Step 2. Come home and sort your candy into what you want and what you can give to the Great Pumpkin. The size of contribution to the GP indicates the size of gift he leaves for you. For example: 1/2 pound = Stickers. 1lb = Barbie. 2lb= Barbie Car
Step 3. Leave it on the door step for the GP.
Step 4. Open door morning after Halloween for a surprise.

This tradition will definitely be passed to our kids. However, I will do my best to trash the candy instead of stashing it for my own late night munchies/desserts. ( Yeah, Mom- we found the brown paper bag in the cupboard above the pantry).

My mom made me some of the coolest Halloween Costumes every year. Here is a list of just some:

1.) Carmen Miranda - with wax fruit on hat. Classic!
2.) Mother Nature - basically a Jesus Costume with leaves all over me.
3.) 50s Girl- every girl wears a poodle skirt once, right?
4.) Mrs. Claus- this one was more of an adult costume, it did include battery operated Xmas lights.
5.) Bunch of Grapes- this was a costume for lip sync contest. Temptations "Heard it Through the Grapevine." Won 1st place for Best Costume. Won 2nd place for lip singing. What? .... ever.

Thanks Mom!! You are the best! Seriously.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love Dolphins and I love San Francisco.

I love SF for all the demonstrations, picketing, and protesting that happens here. I took this picture while walking to get some lunch by the office.

Thought I would add this as a little update to one of my first blog entries here.

Lust & Must

Husband is lusting on this $200 desk lamp from Restoration Hardware (What was he even doing in that store to begin with?). He is the cutest. I say second picture could be a "must" because it's $59 ( West Elm).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Mobiles

The hubs and I watched Babies last night. It was an incredible movie, shot beautifuly. No narration, just documenting 4 babies from differnt axises. Completeley entertaining- it gave me the giggles the whole time. I noticed a common interest in all 4 families. They all had mobiles or hanging colors to stimulate the little pumpkins. I am compleltely surrounded by babies right now. It is so exciting to see my friends becoming mommies. If I weren't so lazy, I would make each and everyone of my friend's babies mobiles. They are so adorable! I pulled a few of my favorites to share/inspire. Image found here.

Can't find image host, so sorry!

I tend to lean towards rustic stuff, so of course, I love the banch. Image found here.

Full DIY turtorial here.

This last one deserves its own post. Image found here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Balloon Theme

It's been about a week since something has really jumped out to inspire me. How cute would some touches of a hot air balloon be for a wedding? Or I suppose it could be a cute kid birthday party idea also. Just switch out the muted colors and go with the UP theme. Btw, have to attach a link to the cutest UP theme engagement shoot via 100 Layer Cake here.

A co- worker of mine got married a few months ago and she had these sky lanterns at her wedding. How pretty do they look in photos? They might not look so pretty on somebody's wood rooftop or in a coyote's mouth, but you get the idea....