Saturday, January 1, 2011

If I actually celebrated NYE...

I would have worked it out with some of this cool stuff. Instead of heading to bed at 9:30pm. Feeling a bit sick and run down, but of course regretting missing out on any fun last night. If I weren't so lazy or sick...

Maybe I would have worn this hot top, I found on Etsy.

Maybe would have gifted these to a party host (or myself who am I kidding).
I would for sure be serving up some of these beautifully photographed drinkies. Check out the blog post here from 2008 on Poppytalk. Note to self: must get one of the Booh-yah doolies.

What NYE party is without some sparkle decor. I would love to have a party just to celebrate these pretty things from Confetti Systems. I thought they were going to sell from Urban Outfitters, but not so sure now.

And getting "dressed up" isn't really "dressed up" without lipstick. RED.

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