Thursday, January 6, 2011

Glass Bubble DIY Project

We are working out a lighting project for over our dining room table. I would have opted for the new Arco Lamp (obvs a knock off) that Santa brought to swivel between dining and living room, but because of the pallet wall, we can't. (See next posting on Pallet Wall.)
Soooooooo we have screwed in a metal pipe that extends out over the beam near the kitchen to host a soft-wired (is that the opposite of hard-wired) pendant. I really haven't seen any that are in our price range, so I am thinking about tackling this little ditty.

What do you think?

We could pay for one here, but I think we might opt for the DIY to keep it around $60 or so. The glass bubbles are at CB2 for cheap!

Here is another DIY final from a new found blog, "Me Oh My" I am loving!

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