Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Ornaments from Home

I have been TERRIBLE about blogging. Just returned home from a trip to Florida to celebrate the holiday with the Hubs family. Did you know that it could be 30 degrees in Orlando? Me Neither! I am doing a bit of catch up here, but promise to blog more in 2011. I am really finding it so much fun and holds me somewhat accountable for my ideas.

I really really really love our Xmas tree and am dreading the thought of having to bring it down. Luckily, some Facebook friends schooled me on Twelfth Night. So it will stay for another week at least.

I went shopping today at Pottery Barn and West Elm to pillage through the heavily discounted holiday ornaments. Aren't they pretty?
Another addition to the tree this year... gifted from Santa of course was this pretty one from Paloma's Nest. It has our wedding date and a heart over central CA. This would have been a cool wedding day gift for him had I thought about it sooner.
And this was my favorite new addition from last year from Nate. I love it and am temped to continue to collect Polar Bear ornaments for a theme tree someday when I am 50 something.

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