Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random things in my head

Just some random things in my head just needed to breathe. So here they are.... just thoughts of things I love, things that give me chills, things that inspire me to want to do stuff.

In the spirit of Halloween, this is my absolutely FAVORITE SYTYCD performance. It gives me chills and how do you say? " I just want to dance!". And I have to say, that once I took a class taught by Wade Robson... and he gave me a hug to say I did a good job. (had to brag about that).
I give to you, Ramalama.

This song was covered last night by Sufjan Stevens whom we saw live at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. Wow... but this song still makes me "feel". The lyrics are so beautiful. I think just sitting there in that theatre watching crazy images and listening to insane music reminded me of things that (as my mom would say) "move me".

I MUST watch Hero this weekend. It has been too long. And for me this scene in the movie is just so unforgettable.

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  1. This reminded me why I love SYTYCD so much. Can't wait for the new season esp. with BJ trying out with his hokey pokey.