Thursday, November 4, 2010

DIY Holiday Brainstorms

Okay, so it is officially NOVEMBER! Which means it is officially time to start planning for the holidays! We are going to be spending Xmas with the Streu's in Florida. We will for sure be making this a big part of our holiday visit. Don't be jealous.

So I want to start documenting some of the DIY ideas for holiday gifts I would love to attempt if not too lazy....

How about a screen printed bag for a sewing kit? Like this one from Same Made. Or should I just buy them? Cause I know with trial and error I will spend more than that if I try myself.

How about screen printing some napkins. Could I copy these adorable ones from Emersonmade?

Or how about these easy flavored sugars, yet packaged ridiculously perfect. From Chewing the Cud. Here is the DIY tutorial from SMP from last year.

I hope I don't spoil any surprises... but my mom has been cooking up some adorable gift bags with chalk board fabric. Yep, that's right CHALK BOARD FABRIC. What?! These are in the spirit of Halloween....

1 comment:

  1. Those are some adorable ideas Katie Jo! Especially those wine bags :-) I am having so much fun getting reactions from giving those as gifts (as you can tell from the EMPTY wine rack in the background)! Love, love, love the screen printed napkins!