Monday, October 18, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

My mom sent me the above picture of her cold weather projects from last weekend and it got me so excited about Halloween. My mom always made a great effort at Halloween, so I think this blog entry is definitely a dedication to her. :)

Here are some of the tools she used. Also, you can download the pattern from Martha's website here.

And presto- beautiful. Not a bad picture either. WELL DONE, Mom!

Has anyone ever heard of the "Great Pumpkin", who comes to your doorstep the night of Halloween to collect candy that we leave for it? Here's how the tradition goes:

Step 1. Trick or Treat in your snazziest of kiddie costume.
Step 2. Come home and sort your candy into what you want and what you can give to the Great Pumpkin. The size of contribution to the GP indicates the size of gift he leaves for you. For example: 1/2 pound = Stickers. 1lb = Barbie. 2lb= Barbie Car
Step 3. Leave it on the door step for the GP.
Step 4. Open door morning after Halloween for a surprise.

This tradition will definitely be passed to our kids. However, I will do my best to trash the candy instead of stashing it for my own late night munchies/desserts. ( Yeah, Mom- we found the brown paper bag in the cupboard above the pantry).

My mom made me some of the coolest Halloween Costumes every year. Here is a list of just some:

1.) Carmen Miranda - with wax fruit on hat. Classic!
2.) Mother Nature - basically a Jesus Costume with leaves all over me.
3.) 50s Girl- every girl wears a poodle skirt once, right?
4.) Mrs. Claus- this one was more of an adult costume, it did include battery operated Xmas lights.
5.) Bunch of Grapes- this was a costume for lip sync contest. Temptations "Heard it Through the Grapevine." Won 1st place for Best Costume. Won 2nd place for lip singing. What? .... ever.

Thanks Mom!! You are the best! Seriously.


  1. Haha I love the bunch of grapes. I'm pretty sure I wore your 50's girl poodle skirt a few years later :)

    I never heard of the great pumpkin. Thats a great idea tho. And I love your mom's pumpkin. I think I'm going to try something fancy like that this year.

  2. my friend was a bunch of grapes and i was a slice of watermelon. too cute. happy halloween!!!

  3. Katie Jo, this is hilarious! I am so obsessing about digging out a box of photos and looking for those costume shots! Ironically, I'm spending the day whipping (or would it be "spinning")up a Cotton Candy costume for your cousin Jenna. Long live tradition! Isle of View!

  4. Katie, You were so blessed with a mom like Francine. But isn't it a tradition for all mom's to hide a stashof candy after Halloween? Love the pumpkin. and the greatpumpkin idea. What happens after 2lbs? 5==trip to the Bahamas? Keep up the creative blogging!