Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Waffle, Therefore I am

While in London, I visited the Portobello Market. This is my kinda place! It was a great way to spend an afternoon alone. Its a darling little street near Nottinghill with many antique stores full of interesting treasures, a few boutiques with expensive yet hard to find items, and I think there might be an American Apparel there too. (blah).

I brought home with me a couple of photography prints, a jacket that was on super sale, and some vintage letter blocks for a DIY project I am after (more on that later).

A highlight on my journey that day was the darling little waffle shop: WAFFLEMEISTER. um, yeah, that's right, WAFFLES!!! There are at least a handful all over London. The question posed: Why in the hell do we not have this here? In SF at the VERY least?

If the Hubs was there, he would have for sure gone for the works..... maybe better for his heart he wasn't.

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