Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Shower Inspiration - Version 1.0

I am finally back from London (and Paris) and have some serious catching up to do on my blogging. I am sure you were all wondering where my posts have been.

But the day I got home, I got some exciting news from my BFF. Not only is there a bun in the over, there are 2! 2 buns! Yay! If the cat's not outta the bag about this yet, then sorry friend 'cause everyone reads this blog. ;)

Naturally, I have baby on the mind. And not more than 5 mins after she told me , I selfishly started asking her to lock in the date for us( the other BFFs) to hold a shower.

Just throwing out some ideas... I tend to go a little heavy on the themes, so I will try to hold back a little, but how cute are elephants? For a girl or boy (or God willing,in her case both!)

Image found via the Swanky Blog

Image found from darling etsy vendor.

Image found on Entertain Exchange

I am just thinking out loud, here.... just thinking out loud.

1 comment:

  1. This is cute! I like it better than the "jungle animal" theme that everyone does.

    Elephant gets my vote.