Monday, September 20, 2010

Greens in Glass.

I am seriously kicking myself from not buying the adorable little terrarium at the Indy craft festival in Potrero Hill yesterday and then was reminded while perusing the blogs that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these darling wall bubbles from the beloved Flora Grubb. The Indy Mart had a booth for Workshop. This place is amazing. They have tons of DIY classes from screen printing to sewing. Each class runs about $10-$40 bucks and many are in the evening on the weekends, so instead of watching netflix episodes of Dexter, we can be drinking a bottle of wine and building terrariums. (Although, I think I might prefer to set up a DIY class hosted at our house, taught by the talented Megan Keely! ) Must add that to list of things to discuss.

** Pic from Workshop. Blog**

I have been swooning over Flora Grubb stuff a ton lately. See here. I will absolutely be stopping by there this weekend, even if just for a nicely brewed cup of Ritual Coffee.

Wouldn't these Flora Bubbles be lovely on a large white wall (since we have a GIGANTIC one in our loft)? I wonder if I could dumb it down (aka - a cheaper option), but using some of the cheaper vases at CB2?

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