Friday, September 10, 2010

Bambi Love

The Fawns, by Peregrine Honig

We don't have cable anymore, but for some reason the only cable channel we get is BRAVO, so we watch a ton of reality TV shows. Work of Art was a brief relief from all the housewife drama and this photo above was my most favorite art piece of the season.

For a while now, I have been really drawn to deer, specifically Fawns. There is something so fragile about them that makes me both sad (Enter Bambi reference) and happy because of their beauty. I already have my eye on some cute fawn art for a nursery some day. Not to mention quite a few more items in my Etsy cart to collect some more vintage ceramic pieces.
I absolutely LOVE this
Sharon Montrose print... someday... someday...

And for the record, I think Peregrine should have won.

( I can't seem to find where the fawn king print came from)

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