Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinterest SF Meet Up

This is not the first blog posting from me about my love for Pinterest. I think everyone who knows me, knows that I love me some pinning! See original post here.   If you don't know what it is, here is my favorite definition....

So a couple weeks ago, while sitting on my computer after getting home from sitting in front of a computer all day, I was pinning and remembered that I had accepted a Pinterest Meet Up invite @ West Elm in Emmryville for that same night. What the hell. Why not?! Of course it was only 7 miles away, but it took me an hour to get over the Bay Bridge at 5:30 on a Thursday, but whatever! It was worth it. I love me some West Elm too- I walked out with a cookbook for a gift and a new pillow sham for the sofa which is totally "sofa king awesome." Check out some pics...

The SmileBooth would have been a whole lot cuter- if I actually had someone else to play with in front of the camera. Oh well- not my best shot, but that's nothing new!


  1. I love that you did this...not lazy at all! You're so cool. <3

  2. katie!

    here is the answer to your comment yesterday:


    I hope you enjoy it! <3

  3. That pinterest definition is so cool! and real! Greetings!