Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recipe Experiment

I experimented over the weekend with a new recipe and it was pretty good. It started to look pretty enough a 3rd of the way through that I even decided to text the neighbors to join in. ( One of which is gluten free, so that was kinda a bust.)

I found the inspiration here on a cute little blog called ClothesHorse NYC. It wasn't exactly a recipe, but she gave a decent enough explanation. I did search like crazy on Men's Health, but couldn't find it.

Also, I had never heard of Farro before. I asked 3 people (3 PEOPLE!?!) at Whole Foods to find where it was. Is it a produce, is it a liquid, is it bigger than a breadbox?? Alas, someone took me to where it was (by the rice and other grains), but of course they were out. Good thing the Hubs was there to solve the problem; simply by crouching down and looking at the back of the shelf behind the other things that were not Farro. Where would I be without him? Farro-less?

Anyways, here it is.... hope my vegetarian friends and family (Aunt Dianne/ Uncle Ron) find it helpful.

Saute chopped white onion and garlic in a pan.

I pre-cooked the Farro for about 6 mins.

Transfer both the Farro, onion, and garlic, to a cast iron.

Add tomato sauce

Add red beans

Add red chili flakes

When the pan is really hot and the tomato sauce starts to boil a little, crack a few eggs right on top.

** this was the scary part. It didn't seem like the eggs were going to cook, so I put a lid on it and they cooked perfectly.

Put in the broiler for about 5 mins (should have added cheese here).

While the whole mess is in the broiler- grill some butter bread.

Serve hot and right outta the pan. We just put spoonfuls on top of the bread.

In case, you are in the mood for a history lesson, here is a little tid-bit on Farro.

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