Monday, May 2, 2011

Coctails and Creativity

I have just fallin in love with a new blog: Mint Love Social Club.
Honestly, if I weren't so lazy, I would totally be this chick who is doin' it up like every single day! Creative little home ideas, amazing recipes, and cocktails galore! Here are some fancy Friday Cocktails she has posted. Ummm... for me a little soda water and vodka is the best I can do (sometimes I might even through in a straw from Ikea cause I'm lame like that).

And then there's this one......

So bottom line is... that if I weren't so lazy, I would TOTALLY have friends over all the time and I would make them fancy cocktails. And if we had all those lovely ingredients, I would like to have it look like this in my house(obvs it would be a SF map)....
Pic found on this home tour from Apartment Therapy from Cupcakes and Cashmere.


  1. Thanks for the awesome shout out!

  2. Natalie... I am obsessed with your blog, lady!!! Thanks for all the awesome-ness you are putting out everyday!!!