Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pallet Wall Update

Are you sick of the damn pallet wall yet? Honestly. Be honest. I am.

Okay, so maybe I really am a little sick of the pallet wall, but the reason I wanted it was to hang cool stuff on it. We tried the wallpaper on one side. blah. We have painted the slats black. bleh. And here we are... with our latest... da da da daaaaa......


And then the other side....


And then a few angles.....


  1. I can't believe you are sick of the pallet wall. I'm so jealous of it!

  2. I LOVEEEEE IT!! I want one now!! It would be so cool to have one in my dorm room to hide these ugly off white walls and have shelving for my pottery!!

  3. i love this. my husband and i have been pondering it for about two weeks, and we are getting pallets tomorrow to build one :0) we have been in such turmoil because we desperately need an extra room for studio space, and you gave us the sollution we were looking for!

    1. the fun part is finding things to hang on it.
      We even added plywood and wallpaper to one side... i am a lazy blogger.

  4. I like it very much! Today was the first time I have seen a pallet wall. Love it

  5. Katie Jo, do you have any instructions or plans that you can share with me on the pallet wall? Katie Jo this is JUST what I have looking for. My front door opens up into my living room, and there is a lot of wasted space there where you walk in. I want a small foyer so bad, and from your pictures, I think the pallet wall would make a foyer area! The top picture reminds me so much of my entryway. I am disabled, and believe me, I am so broke it is sad. But this looks pretty simple and I think my 15 year old son could do this for me for pretty cheap! Can you share the instructions?
    Blessings, Janet

  6. This is amazing! We bought a house 2 years ago and the people who lived here before us added a hardwood floor living room to the master bedroom, and I have been looking for a way to separate the two but regular room dividers just dont look right. I have been looking for a way to just close off the area around my bed and this would be perfect. I would love to get your instructions.

  7. Adorei a ideia de reaproveitar os pallets!
    Parabéns pelo blog !

  8. I want to do this in my spare bedroom that doubles as our son's playroom! My hubby and I got a hold of 5 pallets for free! do you think that would be enough and are you suppose to treat the wood first!?

  9. are you emailing the instructions to people or are you going to post them here?

  10. Hi All,
    Sorry I haven't had time to post the instructions.
    Its basically very easy- you just need to get non-bending hinges and screw them all together.
    Also, make an l-shape to have it stand up. We then screwed it into the wall on with one hinge. (2 screws in the wall- not bad!)

  11. This is really nice. I have never seen an actual pallet wall and yours really looks well made. I do love how it works to add more twist to the overall interior design, which i am certain that home builders Missouri and home owners will really appreciate. This is also a good way to re-purpose wood pallets. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.

  12. What size pallets did you use?

  13. Instructions please. And what size pallets. And how do you judge how many?
    Thank you!

  14. We are buying a open building, there are no rooms and I want to use this pallet Idea to make the walls for our home, how would I go about doing that?

  15. I love what you've done. I'd like to use a pallet wall to separate a guest bedroom in our basement. Do you have posted instructions?

  16. Wow, nice DIY wooden pallets projects. Mine is I will use it as frame to my indoor koi pond project
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